Volleyball is a way of life

Ichiban Volleyball

ichiban volleyball club logoVolleyball in Atlanta has grown tremendously in the past 10 years but programs offered to younger girls are limited. In hopes to increase awareness and the skill level at younger ages, Ichiban Volleyball Club has been created. Our mission is to introduce and teach young girls the sport of volleyball. As coaches, we are committed to sharing with your child our knowledge of the game and passion to play.

Volleyball is not just a game it’s a way of life.


Try out for Ichiban Volleyball Club and truly discover what it takes to become number one. At Ichiban, we understand that the values we instill in each girl will not only enhance their love for the game but empower every aspect of their life.

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Pursue a goal relentlessly on and off the court

Ichiban Volleyball Club Teams

We have 6 junior girls volleyball teams ranging from 12 to 17 years old. Teams will be selected in October and early November, see tryout information on our Junior Teams “Tryouts Page”.

Please see our “Junior Team FAQ” to answer questions you may have about our juniors club team program.

ichiban youth 17s volleyball team picture
ichiban youth 16s volleyball team picture
ichiban youth 14s volleyball team picture

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Competitive and fun volleyball for women

Women’s Adult Volleyball League Play

We offer adult league play for women at The Atlanta Athletic Club NE

women adult league play pictureThe League consists of 6 teams and is at the A/AA level of play.



League play will be on Tuesday’s from 8pm to 10pm.



Each league session consists of 10 weeks and costs $65 per player.



Atlanta Athletic Club NE – 1515 Sheridan Road, Atlanta
Click here for a map and directions

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